MARRIED At First Sight's Patrick and Charlene have spoken out following explosive scenes at last night's dinner party, where they outed other contestants for their sleazy boys' night behaviour.

Earlier this week, Patrick confessed to feeling uncomfortable during a rowdy conversation between Dean, Troy and Justin about swapping wives, so he went home and discussed what was said with his 'wife'. Armed with the details, Charlene - supported by Patrick - unleased on Dean at the group's weekly dinner party.

Appearing on the Today show this morning, she admitted it had been "a long time coming."

"I really let it rip ... there was lots of stuff [throughout the series] and I have bitten my tongue," she told hosts Georgie Gardner and Karl Stefanovic.

"The bit that's astounding is that [Dean, Troy and Justin] didn't really think they'd done anything wrong. There's no accountability and that's the bit that makes me even more angry."

Charlene was then asked whether the female contestants had ever had similar conversations.

"Not to that degree ... in the 'trading [partners]' way ... it was vile."

Patrick has received widespread praise from fans for taking a stand, but admitted that he's been given the cold shoulder by the other men as a result.

"I didn't expect the response, especially from the guys. I got a little bit outcasted," he said, adding that the idea of a "bro code" was ridiculous.

"We're respecting each other. We're in a unique experience. it's like, respect these people. And they weren't. So I stood up to it."

While most people were impressed by Patrick's decision, there have been some critics who believe he was causing trouble.

"There's been backlash, but I know what happened. I know what I'm saying is correct, it's right. And [the backlash] just confirms the stupidity of some people," he said.

After the 'boys' night' scene aired on Tuesday, Dean took to Instagram to allege the scenes had been manipulated.

In a now-edited post, he claimed he was forced to make those comments by Married's executive producer, Tara McWilliams.

He wrote: "Ah boys night. Fun was had by all, except @pattymiller [Patrick] who said he would like to swap for @davvyxx [Davina] but for some reason they didn't show that?! But they did show me asking the question about other wives mums which the producers forced me to say coz the night was too boring for producer @taramcwilliam75. Oh well. Hopefully most people don't take it too seriously. No disrespect was ever meant to any wives or any women in general. My apologies if I offended anyone."

A short time later, Dean edited the caption, softening his words and taking out any mention of McWilliams and fellow groom Patrick.


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