Police and Ambulance officers respond to the machete attack in Rockhampton in 2013.
Police and Ambulance officers respond to the machete attack in Rockhampton in 2013. Frazer Pearce

Machete attacker has plea for shorter jail term rejected

AARON Paul Pryce forced his way into a Rockhampton house, held the residents hostage, cut them with machetes and threatened to rape them - and his calls for a shorter sentence have been denied.

Pryce and Lindsay Rohan Winslade were jailed for eight years for burglary, armed robbery with violence, armed robbery with wounding, malicious acts and sexual assault and declared serious violent offenders which would see them serve at least 80% of their sentence behind bars.

On December 4, 2013 Pryce and Winslade had armed themselves with machetes and broken into the Rockhampton house. The pair attacked the six people inside with machetes including cutting one man's leg to the bone.

At one stage Winslade used a machete to lift up the skirt of a girl in the house.

Pryce also told a girl "I should rape you, you're pretty aren't you?".

But in February Pryce called for the Brisbane Court of Appeal to overturn the sexual assault charges and claimed he should have received a lesser sentence than Winslade as he had a lesser criminal history.

In a judgment delivered on Tuesday the court ruled the convictions should not be overturned and Pryce's sentence had been appropriate.

Justice Philip McMurdo said although other offenders had received lesser sentences for similar offending it did not mean Pryce's sentence was too harsh.

"The present sentences, in my view, are heavy but ultimately I am unpersuaded that they are manifestly excessive," he said.

"Both defendants were armed with machetes and did use them. Their violence only ceased when police arrived. There was no resistance from the victims. Three complainants were wounded."

Pryce and Winslade will have to serve 80% of their sentences before they can apply for release on parole. - APN NEWSDESK

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