Loved it! Hated it! But we all agree, bring on game 3!

LOVED the game! Hated the game! The refs robbed us!

Those were some of the opening salvos from our readers when we asked them what they thought of New South Wales' win in State of Origin 2.

"OMG! Such a great game. Bonus Blues win, yippee," wrote Susan Hale. "Loved it.. Bring on NSW to win game three." added Elizabeth Townsend.

However, there wasn't much good humour with Maroons fans: "I think it was a joke. NSW are dirty grubs and Inglis was robbed from his try. Total disgrace," wrote Georgina Pukallus.

Tracey O'Hare agreed: "NSW may have won but geez it would've been nice to see them play a clean game. It's a shame that some of their good players are overshadowed by the bullies on their team, and the biggest being Gallon."

Not surprisingly many also had a special word or two for the referees.

"Video ref beat us fair and square," said Carleen Steele. "Qld was umpired right out of it tonight!" added Kylie Weller and Mal Phillips offered: "Bad ref calls ruined a good game of footy."

There were some good sports among the losers, and LeRoy Murray said:

"As a Queenslander I believe the better team won. While under the current video ref laws I believe Inglis try should have been allowed it must be remembered that NSW had a fair try disallowed before that which would have sealed the game.

"Qld were their own worst enemies, they had incredible success going to their left hand side in the first half yet in the second hardly went there again.

"The other worrying aspect for me was that the Queenslanders at times were struggling to keep up and dare I say it - they looked tired, hopefully it isn't a sign of age catching up with them.

There was also some sober reflection from Kylie Baker: "Disgusted with the head highs, the idiots trying to fight throughout the whole thing and the ref's not making them get off the players to play the ball."

But Bobby D Skidmore best captured the mood on the night: "Was a good close game. And who doesn't want a game three decider!"

And the final say goes to Benita Dover:

"A reminder for all! There is no difference between a bad loser and bad winner! Both set very bad examples of sportsmanship or lack thereof! Is it any wonder that young sports players don't have good sportsmanship qualities when their influences, their parents, their educators and life guiders all behave like seals over a sports game!"


NSW WIN: The Blues have won the second State of Origin game 26-18, levelling the series at one all ahead of the decider in Brisbane next month: What did you think of the match?

Posted by QT - The Queensland Times on Wednesday, June 17, 2015

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