Love comes in small packages

IT is an errand that strikes fear into the hearts of many red-blooded males – buying lingerie for their lady love for Valentine’s Day.

But selecting sexy smalls does not have to be a disaster.

Ipswich men are being encouraged to do their research before navigating the often-intimidating world of women’s underwear.

Underfashion World owner Kay Weier said the first step was finding out the right size for the special lady.

“Size is the most important thing,” Ms Weier said.

“If they can have a sneak peak in her underwear drawer, they can get a basic idea of the sizing, particularly cup size.”

She said male buyers traditionally went for black or red and typically something lacy.

“A lot of girls seem to expect red,” Ms Weier said.

“If they are buying a set, they should stop and consider whether she wears a G-string or not.”

While men may go for skimpier styles, she said fuller control briefs now outsold the G-string 10 to one in her Ipswich store.

“We’ll get men coming in to buy an underwear set and choose a G-string, only to have the women return them in favour of a fuller brief,” Ms Weier said.

Bras’N’Things employee Tracey Moore said staff at the Riverlink-based outlet were happy to help men select their gifts.

Mrs Moore advises men to keep their partner’s figure in mind when making the purchase.

“Some of them when they come will forget their lady is big and busty and buy some skimpy little things,” she said.

“Some of them have no idea about sizes.

“We encourage the men to have a look around first to find the right thing.”

She said the gift could always be exchanged if it wasn’t right.

Undie stats

The average woman owns 21 pairs of underwear while 10 per cent of women own more than 35 pairs.

25 per cent of women have had their mood negatively affected by an ill-fitting or ugly pair or underwear, while 47 per cent of those questioned felt sexier and more confident when wearing a special pair.

46 per cent of women prefer briefs, while ladies in the 18-34 age bracket like bikini-style cuts.

(Survey by American magazine ShopSmart)

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