Long-awaited $20 million projects start

TWO major projects totalling more than $20 million will bring long-awaited improvements to sewerage infrastructure in rural Ipswich.

Without any mains connection to the Rosewood Sewage Treatment Plant, the Walloon and Thagoona catchment area has only been serviced by on-site septic systems.

Homes serviced by septic systems are restricted to a maximum block size of one acre, which has hampered local development.

The Walloon Sewer Pump Station will be constructed and connect these two areas to a mains sewer system with approximately 5km of new pipeline.

The station, which is the first phase of the $12.4 million project, is scheduled for completion by the end of the year.

A regional water service upgrade, valued at about $8.8 million, is in the final stages of design approval by Queensland Urban Utilities and is scheduled to commence within the next three months.

It will involve 7.2km of upsized water mains to service the Walloon catchment.

These works will ensure water supply in the area can keep up with development, including at the Waterlea estate, which is developed by RBG Services and plans to build 1500 houses in the next decade.

"Due to the demand for land at Waterlea, development is progressing quickly and the existing water infrastructure in the area is nearing capacity," RBG development manager Andrew Cook said.

"The works involve the upsizing of the water pipelines and installation of a booster pump station to the north of Waterlea.

"(The project) will ensure good pressures and high quality water continue to be available well into the future."

The upgrades are being delivered by the estate and QUU and Mr Cook said development in Walloon, prior to Waterlea, had been limited.

He believed the projects would remove servicing constraints that had previously held development back.

"This will mean we'll see more communities being developed to accommodate the projected 42,000 residents that Ipswich council forecasts will call the Walloon and Rosewood corridor home," he said.

"In addition to the Waterlea Commercial Village Market Hall and Childcare Centre, which will start construction this year, we also expect to see the 20 hectares of commercial zoning behind the Walloon township activate in the future.

"This area has been designated by council as a Major Neighbourhood Centre - the same designation as the Yamanto Village, for example - and should ultimately be home to a full size supermarket, retail and commercial tenancies."

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