Lockyer Valley ratepayers need to be aware of debt

HOW many ratepayers understand that when elected members sanction or authorise council borrowings, it is not the elected members locked into indemnifying or honouring repayment, it is we local-yokels who have to find the money to repay.

Yes, each and every one of the ratepayers would have to find thousands of dollars individually, if things economically go belly up.

If our L.V.R.Council head out into "deep waters" mismanaging our finances, they are safe, we are not!

With the current council borrowings sky high now, we ratepayers need to pressure elected members to hasten slowly, with grand plans.

Clear debt before rushing into grandiose projects.

So far, this current elected lot, have not demonstrated any understanding of the word, restraint.

We need to elect a council with some understanding of how to manage the future, a council dedicated toward looking after the essential fundamentals of our region, our lovely valley.

Namely roads, rates and for heaven's sake, the rubbish in all forms, actual and metaphorical.

BOB FOWKE, Regency Downs


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