Lockyer road repair bill $170m

WHAT has been described by many as the worst flood in Australia’s history has left the Lockyer Valley Regional Council with a major hangover – an initial repair bill of $170 million for council roads and drainage assets alone.

The cost of repairing other infrastructure, such as sporting fields and community buildings, could reach close to a $1 billion.

At a council meeting yesterday, Lockyer Valley civic leaders were told engineering and management consultant company Aurecon had provided a preliminary estimate of $176 million to repair the council roads and drainage assets.

Lockyer Valley Mayor Steve Jones said the council’s total budget for 2010-2011 was $68 million.

“This massive repair bill is beyond the capacity of our council and our ratepayers,” Cr Jones said.

“The Lockyer Valley’s massive recovery and rebuilding phase will require significant additional resources from the Federal Government, as well as the State Government, council and the community and business sectors.”

Cr Jones said many properties had been destroyed, more were beyond repair, and a huge number sustained significant damage.

Preliminary repair bill:

  • Sealed roads (est: $137 million)
  • Unsealed roads (est: $8.5 million)
  • Bridges (est $11 million)
  • Major culverts (est: $5 million)
  • Minor culverts (est: $1.4 million)
  • Floodways (est: $13.1 million)

The bill for other infrastructure, especially water and waste infrastructure, parks and buildings, will be substantial.

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