'Lock me up anytime, it's fun!'

AN IPSWICH teenager has told a magistrate how much she enjoyed being arrested and locked up in the watchhouse - because she got to watch Australia's Funniest Home Videos.

Anne-Aliese Louise Brown, 17, was pleading guilty to public nuisance at court and was told she had an "unfortunate attitude" by Magistrate Matthew McLaughlin.

When Mr McLaughlin said he was considering giving her a good behaviour bond because it was her first offence, and she had spent three hours in the watchhouse, Brown was quick to quip:

"It was actually pretty fun in the watchhouse because we got to watch (Australia's) Funniest Home Videos," she said.

In the watchhouse, some inmates in temporary holding cells can see the police work station which has various security monitors on it as well as some screens showing regular TV.

Brown tried to tell the court that her poor behaviour at Goodna was the fault of police because an officer wouldn't make her father give her back her car keys.

The court was told police attended her address on June 9 after a heavily intoxicated Brown screamed profanities in the middle of the street.

She was told to move on but refused and continued her abusive tirade in front of several young children.

Brown was arrested and taken to the Ipswich watchhouse.

"The police could have asked me politely to move on instead of screaming in my face," Brown told Mr McLaughlin as she slumped over the bar-table lectern.

"How would you like it if I came up there and screamed in your face?"

Mr McLaughlin said it wasn't the responsibility of police to sort out whose keys belonged to who, and they had a difficult job to do.

"They get spat on, bitten, punched in the head - I could never do it," he told Brown. "You've got to look at it from the point of view of the police too."

Mr McLaughlin said her behaviour was "silly, unnecessary, a nuisance and a pain in the neck".

"Normally I'd impose a good behaviour bond but given your behaviour today, without a hint of remorse that you were out of order, I'm going to impose a $200 fine," he said.

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