Locals making millions working from home

FROM hair and beauty services to tutoring and car cleaning there's plenty of choice when it comes to small businesses in the Greater Springfield region.

There's people selling kids toys, doing special effects makeup and more.

A simple search revealed more than 25 home based businesses registered on Google.

And some home based businesses are making it big.

A simple idea to create a baby that can be used as a training tool for newborn photographers has turned into a million dollar business for Sandra and Brendan Moffatt.

Mrs Moffatt said she had noticed a lot of home bases businesses popping up in Springfield.

"Especially mothers, they have time at home with their children and they want to to go back to work and look for other solutions," Mrs Moffatt said.

"Luckily Australia is built on small business."

She's seen people selling clothes for children and offering personal training from home.

"There is a freedom to it (running your own business). It's definitely hard, you rally have got to have a passion for it. I think every business person has had their moments, it's not for everyone."

The downside, she said was having to work late and on weekends, but it gave her freedom to raise her kids around her work.

"It's a balance but it works for is."

The Moffatts work at home with one other employee, they have two sons, aged 15 and 12.

"We've always owned our own businesses, they have grown up with that. before photography we ran a driving school."

They sold the driving school and started newborn photography setting up a studio at their home, now that studio is full of SIBs.

"My son who is 15 is starting his own business right now, speaking with manufacturers overseas."

State Member for Jordan Charis Mullen said advances in technology and a focus on flexible lifestyles has made starting a home business a popular choice for many within Greater Springfield.

"I am meeting a lot of people who run their businesses from home - particularly mums with young children, allowing them to maintain a link to their professional life whilst also enjoying more time with their family," Ms Mullen said.


Julia Mann and Bev Laird, co-owners of Rosey Creations.
Julia Mann and Bev Laird, co-owners of Rosey Creations. Cordell Richardson

New creative partnership starts off Rosey

MOTHER and daughter-in-law, Bev Laird and Julia Mann have taken the plunge to start their own business and aren't looking back.

"It's something we've always wanted to do," Mrs Laird said.

She already has a business, carpet cleaning and carpet dying, that she runs with her husband.

"With the carpet dying, I thought I could make customised rugs for babies rooms."

That led to buying some extra equipment and then the idea to finally start Rosey Creations, named after Ms Mann's daughter and Mrs Lairds granddaughter Roseanna.

Ms Mann was looking for part time work after having Roseanna and they thought "now is the time to start".

"We had talked about it all the time."

They launched in October last year.

"We haven't done any rugs," Mrs Laird joked.

Instead the business partners started making customised Santa sacks over Christmas and car stickers.

"Over Christmas we sold 42 Santa sacks. There's so many things we can do. We can do anything with vinyl."

They are also making T-shirts, magnets, customised mugs, kids' name labels, and doing glass etching.

"It's taken of more than we thought it would. It's just crazy we didn't even advertise."

In the future they plan to include car wraps into their business offering and get more of the family working with them.

"I love doing it, I love creating things and watching what Julie creates. The hours are flexible. We have all the equipment at home. Julia can have time off to take Roseanna to the doctors if needed."

Mrs Laird said she would recommend starting a home business to anyone who had done the research.

"I'd say do it. Definitely."

Any money the pair make in the business they are currently re-investing.

"I'm lucky, I still have a business, I couldn't live off Rosey Creations at the moment.

"We're part time at the moment, we'd like to do it full time."

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