OPINION: Local parking fees are a drop in the bucket

WHEN I was growing up my mother's way of saying "appreciate what you have Peter" was to recite the old saying: I use to complain I had no shoes, until I met a man who had no feet.

With six children all putting their hands up for items, mum's small household budget couldn't stretch to, we'd hear that one at least once every six months.

We also found out when we complained about dinner that when she was growing up her dinner was sometimes just bread and dripping.

There was no doubt her points were clear that while we didn't have everything we certainly had plenty to be appreciative of.

In a long winded way, that brings me around to the point of this column.

Yesterday I had a business appointment in Brisbane City and I needed to park in the centre of the CBD. Oblivious to the parking traps of Brisbane, I parked centrally in the Queen Street Mall carpark.

The meeting went well and after enjoying the buzz of the city I was starting to think I should go into Brisbane more often.

That was an idea I soon backflipped on and here are the reasons why.

My parking bill for three hours and 46 minutes was a whopping $73.13.

Still in shock from that, I turned out of the city heading back to Ipswich. The city traffic snarl saw me driving for an hour and a quarter to get back to Ipswich.

In future, my meetings will be five minutes up the road and I won't be complaining about the small parking charges that I have to pay to park in our CBD.

We really do have it good in our city.


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