Local author explores history of Ripley Valley

WELL-KNOWN local author Pamela Lamb has published her first book on local history.

In the Shadow of Mount Flinders: Stories of Ripley Valley is a history of Ripley Valley from white settlement in 1842 to the present day.

The book will be launched at Cooneana Heritage Centre on Friday, June 12, 2015.

Lamb has been writing novels for children and adults for the past 20 years.

These include her popular No Everyday Dragon series and the bestseller Seeking Sarah, a time-slip romance based on Ipswich history.

Although In the Shadow of Mount Flinders is a change of genre for this fiction writer, she hasn't strayed very far from her love of stories.

"I was working at The University of Queensland when I started writing this book so it was very much an academic exercise,' Lamb said.

"However, once I retired, I decided there were too many good stories about Ripley that needed to be told, so the focus of the book changed."

Lamb interviewed members of some of the original families who began settling in Ripley Valley in the early 1850s.

"I was lucky to meet so many generous people while I was researching the book," she said.

"I knew very little about Ripley Valley when I started the project and they helped me build up a picture of what it was like when their families lived there."

The launch of Lamb's book will be held during Ipswich Historical Society's Country Night Out evening to be held on June 12.

The evening will include line dancing, jazz and swing music, and a slide show of images of early Ipswich.

For further details, check out Ipswich Historical Society's website at ipswichhistoricalsociety.com


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