NEW FACE: The LNP has announced its candidate for Ipswich, Andrew Caswell.
NEW FACE: The LNP has announced its candidate for Ipswich, Andrew Caswell. Helen Spelitis

LNP reveal Ipswich candidates for State election

A LOGAN man has been selected to challenge sitting MP Jennifer Howard at the upcoming State Election.

The LNP announced candidates for Ipswich West and Ipswich at the last minute.

Nominations for the November 25 poll close today.

Husband and father of three Andrew Caswell has put his hand up to represent the LNP in the seat of Ipswich.

Mr Caswell works Tuesday to Saturday repairing self-serve checkouts and, through his work, spends a large amount of time in Ipswich.

He said the major issues facing Ipswich residents were the cost of living and job security, along with concern about transparency in the local council.

Mr Caswell believes Ipswich would benefit from a move away from Labor Party representation, despite the area's voter tendency to stick with the party.

"I didn't put my hand up because I thought I would lose," Mr Caswell said.

"I understand the ALP has been there for a long time... but I think it would be best for Ipswich if the LNP was successful and that's because I am confident in the LNP plan.

"Locally, there are obviously some concerns about transparency in the council. That's an issue you can see even if you're not from the area."

If elected, Mr Caswell said he would focus on small business and ensuring Ipswich's local economy thrived.

"I would love to see an Ipswich with a continually strong, local growing business sector that as an elected official I could support and advocate for less red tape government," Mr Caswell said.

Mr Caswell acknowledged that, as an outsider, he would need to lean on the community for a greater understanding of what makes Ipswich tick.

But also said the issues impacting Ipswich the most, such as cost of living, were not geographically unique.

"I'm in a different location but suffer from the same kind of thing," he said.

"I'm an average kind of person, just wanting a better Queensland."

When asked why a Logan resident had been put forward to represent the Ipswich electorate, an LNP campaign spokesperson said each candidate went through a rigorous selection criteria to ensure the right candidate was chosen for the right seat.

"People struggling to get a job or pay their power bills don't care where their MP lives," the spokesperson said.

"They care about what their MPs or candidates are doing to help them deal with the real challenges they face."


The LNP have announced their candidate for Ipswich West, Anna O'Neill, 21.
The LNP have announced their candidate for Ipswich West, Anna O'Neill, 21.

Youngster's plan to tackle youth unemployment

YOUTH unemployment is the major issue in focus for the Ipswich West LNP candidate.

Anna O'Neill, 21, has been revealed as the LNP's choice to take on sitting Labor MP Jim Madden at the State Election on November 25.

Ms O'Neill is originally from Central Queensland and moved to the Ipswich area when she began studying agribusiness at the University of Queensland.

In the final semesters of her degree, Ms O'Neill has been living in Taringa but has a strong network in Ipswich, having worked in the city while studying.

"I spent a lot of time talking to people in retail and was able to get a feel for how disenfranchised people have become, especially regarding the cost of living and specifically electricity prices," Ms O'Neill said.

"It seemed so many young people would come into my work and say there were no jobs and no jobs growth which meant no one could afford the every day expenses.

"I thought, I may as well try and do something about it.

"(Party leaders) Tim (Nicholls) and Deb (Frecklington), and the team have a plan to get youth off the streets and into jobs.... which will get them the experience and education they need to secure a job in the future.

"People need to be given a chance to get their foot in the door in the first place and it seems no one is willing to give them a chance."

Ms O'Neill comes from a farming background and believes that experience could help inform and shape policy. When Ms O'Neill finishes university, she plans to go into work that will help farmers mange finances and investments.

Who's running?


  • Jennifer Howard MP - Labor
  • Andrew Caswell - LNP
  • Malcolm Roberts - One Nation

Ipswich West

  • Jim Madden MP - Labor
  • Anna O'Neill - LNP
  • Brad Trussell - One Nation

The election will be held on Saturday, November 25.

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