LNP on track for a hiding in Ipswich seat

AFTER reading today's Page 3 story, many would agree with Cr Paul Tully's observation that the LNP has written off the seat of Ipswich.

Before Christmas it was a very different story with senior Ministers Lawrence Springborg and Mark McArdle in Ipswich making some major announcements. In the early days of the campaign we saw Glen Elmes with some minor announcements.

The decision not to back the criterium track reveals a government that has abandoned the area.

Ipswich has battled for decades with the troubled Limestone Park velodrome and has had no cycling facilities for four years.

The Member for Ipswich Ian Berry should be fighting for the region to ensure the city gets this funding, not telling a councillor to ask the government why we didn't get it. Last time I checked Mr Berry was part of that government.

Mr Berry's recent stance on bringing a government department to Ipswich is another instance that has puzzled readers. Instead of pushing for the revitalisation of the Ipswich CBD, he is worried about those public servants who live in Brisbane having to travel 50 minutes to work at Icon tower.

If only he showed such empathy for public servants when his boss was sacking more than 12,000 of them.

Our local Member's latest comments on these key issues leave us with the question: Who is he representing?

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