LIVE RESULTS: 'It's over': Ipswich politician calls it


THE final results won't be in for a while but there is a massive gap between Dave Martin and his closest rival Jim McKee. 

With all the physical booths counted, Dave Martin is sitting on 23.11% of the vote, with 1,893 votes, compared to Jim McKee's 16.03% on 1,313 votes.

Experienced politican Blair MP Shayne Neumann said earlier, as the results were still coming in, that Mr Martin couldn't lose.

Mr Martin said he was humbled by the results. 

"I knew from pre-poll that I was doing well. I knew I had 16% of the vote," Mr Martin said. 

"I tried to run a campaign, saying who I am, what I stand for and what I want to do for Ipswich. 

"I didn't malign anyone. I'd like to think I can hold my head high.


LISTEN: Reporter Joel Gould speaks with Mr Martin at his after party


"I'm so humbled," Mr Martin said.

"I'm really looking forward to the challenge. I want to be the people's person."

Results have now been published for postal votes, which follow the same trend.

**More in depth election coverage and analysis from the QT online tomorrow and in Monday's paper**


Dave Martin and his supporters at his Division 7 after party.
Dave Martin and his supporters at his Division 7 after party. Rob Williams


Top five (at 8pm)

1. Dave Martin: 23.25%

2. Jim McKee: 15.72%

3. Darren Baldwin: 12.83%

4. Rochelle Caloon: 11.08%

5. Greg Forster: 10.48%




DAVE Martin isn't prepared to call it just yet, but some are convinced this election is over. 

Experienced campaigner and Blair MP Shayne Neumann said Mr Martin can't lose.

Mr Neumann said Mr Martin had won because the suburban and middle class voters in Division 7 had given him victory.

"It is all over and David Martin has won," Mr Neumann said.

"David has won because of the active support of the mayor and his long history of community involvement.

"He has been actively involved with youth, tenancy advocacy services and mental health and other services.

Results at 7.30pm
Results at 7.30pm

"He lives in the area, has owned a small business and his family has lived in the area for as long as I have known them.

"David resonated better with middle class voters in Raceview which is the biggest suburb in the division.

"Jim McKee polled very badly in that area, just 10 per cent in Raceview and eight per cent in Raceview West.

"McKee has polled strongly in inner city Ipswich but Martin has polled better in the suburbs."

Mr Neumann said that Martin's vote of just over 23 per cent at this stage was a "very low vote" for someone to win an election.

"It is clear that none of the candidates captured the electorate's imagination," he said.

"This is the lowest vote I have ever seen to win a council election, although it could go up higher."


LISTEN: Dave Martin not ready to accept election win yet



RACEVIEW has been counted and Dave Martin now has a significant lead on his opponents. 


Results at 7.15PM
Results at 7.15PM



MAJOR booths Raceview West, West Ipswich and the Ipswich pre-poll have now been counted and there is a clear leader emerging.

Dave Martin is pulling ahead. 

With four physical booths left to be counted, Mr Martin has already secured 23.8% of the votes. 

So far, 4,741 out of 12,397 possible votes have been counted.

The top four order is; 

  • Dave Martin
  • Jim McKee
  • Darren Baldwin
  • Greg Forster


Results at 7pm
Results at 7pm



NEW contenders have pushed out in front. 

The Glebe Rd booth has been counted.

Dave Martin and Jim McKee has widened the gap between themselves and the other favourites. 

Darren Baldwin and Mark McConnell are also expected to do well tonight. 

While the latest results show two candidates pushing ahead, there are still nine major booths to be counted. 


Results at 6.40pm
Results at 6.40pm



THE results have begun flowing in.

The telephone and telephone pre-poll were the first to be counted. 

So far Dave Martin, Rochelle Caloon and Jim McKee are leading the way.


Results at 6.30pm
Results at 6.30pm


Now the booths have closed, Mayor Andrew Antoniolli has revealed who he believes will likely emerge in the top three. 

Cr Antoniolli understands Dave Martin and Darren Baldwin performed well today with the voters.

Mark McConnell and Jim McKee are also in with a good chance, he said.

"I would be pretty confident that if anyone has a lead of 350 votes of the primary, they will be in a very strong position heading into preferences," Cr Antoniolli said. 

"I am guessing only about 10% of the ballot papers will have any preferences marked at all."

Cr Antoniolli said this would be a tight race.  


We'll update the election results as the booths are counted


Results at 6pm
Results at 6pm



THE polls have closed and the first votes are being counted.

Results should start coming in quickly tonight with only 12,397 people enrolled to vote in the divisional by-election spanning across the city's centre.

That's compared to some 120,000 who voted in the August 19 mayoral by-election.

About 1500 Division 7 residents have already cast their vote at pre-poll, ahead of election day.

At the last general council election in 2016, only 10,327 people in Division 7 voted - compared to the 12,247 enrolled - which means we can expect tonight's final numbers not to add up to the total number of enrolled voters.

For everyone who lives in Division 7, this election is about electing a new council representative.

For the rest of the city's residents, it's about a new face being elected to the council.

Some of the larger booths where the results will be a more significant indicator on which candidates are ahead include; Raceview, Griffith Rd and the pre-poll votes. 

Postal votes won't be finalised for at least 10 days but tonight, there are 12 booths to count. 

Today, the QT did an exit poll with 20 voters at Ipswich West State School and Blair State School today and the results were evenly spread.  

Dave Martin led the way with five votes and Mark McConnell, Darren Baldwin and Jim McKee all had three.   

Greg Forster and Mike McInnes scored two votes each, Rochelle Caloon and David Austin both had one while Wayne Firns did not get a vote.

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