Robyn Harm appears in the ILT production Cruise Missile
Robyn Harm appears in the ILT production Cruise Missile Contributed

Little Theatre playing big shows

FANS of live theatre are in for a treat over -the next two weeks as Ipswich Little Theatre continues its Deckchairs series.

A series of three one-act plays were specifically written for female leads of different ages, and cover a range of themes and topics, said Robyn Harm (pictured, in 'Cruise Missile').

"These are a delightful trio of plays which are funny, and at times, moving stories about human loving and longing," Ms Harm said.

"This set of plays is set in three very different environments, a garden, a park and on a cruise ship."

Ms Harm said 'Last Post' tells the story of the widow of a respected Army Colonel, who apparently had a secret child.

"She is determined to protect his reputation and retain her own dignity at all cost, this proves quite difficult when the mother of the child arrives unexpectedly and uninvited on her doorstep."

The second play is a comedy, 'Cupboard Love', and follows on from a chance encounter between two women, who discover they have much in common, including the amorous attentions of the same gentleman, for who they have both been preparing sumptuous meals.

The duo then cook up a plan to get their own back on the deceiver.

Rounding out the performance will be another comedy, 'Cruise Missile', telling the adventures of first-time sea cruiser, Janet.

"She finds herself overwhelmed by the array of delights on offer, however, there is a fellow passenger who is only too willing to be her guide and mentor, but her instant friendship is something of a mixed blessing."

The Deckchairs series is currently playing at the Ipswich Little Theatre's Incinerator Theatre, with performances on Friday and Saturday, and additional performances next Friday and Saturday.

More information on 'Deckchairs', and other upcoming ILT productions, is available at

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