LISTEN: Here's what 600 residents were asked last night

A NEW poll was run last night in the lead up to the Ipswich mayoral by-election featuring a question focused solely on 'the issues'.

Six hundred Ipswich residents were canvassed in the poll, which the QT can reveal was run by a lobby group.

Queensland Community Alliance Ipswich branch commissioned the poll ahead of its election forum, to be held on Sunday.

Part of the poll was to narrow the list of 11 candidates down to the leaders of the pack, organiser Dave Copeman said.

Only the leading candidates will be invited to participate in Sunday's forum.

"It's about picking the people who are likely to be serious candidates and we weren't sure who that was," Mr Copeman said.  

"We really wanted to test where the community sentiment was in relation to this plethora of candidates."


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Mr Copeman said the poll was also run to gauge community sentiment around the major issues affecting the community and to ensure a positive working relationship with the next Ipswich City Council mayor.

The Ipswich branch of the Alliance formed three years ago, and Mr Copeman said it had found working collaboratively with the council difficult.

"We're bi-partisan, so we're not trying to get anyone elected or not elected," Mr Copeman said.

"What we're hoping out of the next mayor is a good working relationship.

"We want the person who is elected to be willing to work with civil society."

Mr Copeman said the Alliance has the results of the poll and plans to release them publicly soon.


The poll questions (listen to the audio below);

Question one

Who would receive your first preference?

1. Paul Rix

2. Peter Robinson

3. Gary Duffy

4. Brett Morrissey

5. Paul Tully

6. Andrew Antoniolli

7. Any other

Question two

Which of the following local Ipswich issues concerns you most?

1. Security of employment

2. Access to and quality of age care

3. Disability care and NDIS

4. Provision of mental health issues

5. Vocational education training and support to find employment

6. Revitalising Ipswich City Centre

7. Building community connection and reducing isolation

8. Relationships between Ipswich City Council and community organisations.


Listen to the phone poll below (as recorded by a resident)