Council could auction off homes because of unpaid rates.
Council could auction off homes because of unpaid rates. Tom Huntley GLA300413HOUS

LIST: More than 80 properties could sell over unpaid rates

A HUGE number of properties could be auctioned off by Gladstone Regional Council to recoup unpaid rates.

A notice of intention to sell the land was published in the Queensland Government Gazette on December 8.

"This notice is given because rates or charges levied by the Council on the below properties are at least three years overdue or default judgment has been granted by the Magistrates Court on vacant or commercial land," it reads.

"Where rates or charges on a property are more than three years overdue, or are more than one year and default judgment has been granted by the Magistrates Court on vacant or commercial land the council may sell the property at public auction and use the proceeds to discharge the overdue rates or charges."

No date for any potential auction has been set.

"If the overdue rates or charges are not paid within three months of the notice, the council will issue a Notice of Sale to the property owner and commence proceedings to sell the property," the gazette reads.

There are 82 properties listed throughout the region with overdue rates which could potentially be auctioned.

The total each property owns has been published, with the total in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

However, often a large amount do not make it to that stage.


143 Auckland Street, Gladstone

125 Auckland Street, Gladstone

112-114 Auckland Street, Gladstone

140 Auckland Street, Gladstone

178 Auckland Street, Gladstone

11 Bramston Street, Gladstone

6/8 Oaka Lane, Gladstone

516/52 Oaka Lane, Gladstone

South Gladstone:

226 Auckland Street, South Gladstone

194 Oaka Street, South Gladstone

1/84 Toolooa Street, South Gladstone

2/84 Toolooa Street, South Gladstone

3/84 Toolooa Street, South Gladstone

West Gladstone:

30 Park Street, West Gladstone

11 Hunter Street, West Gladstone

12 Piper Street, West Gladstone

40 Paterson Street, West Gladstone

161 Philip Street, West Gladstone

17 Park Street, West Gladstone

4/7 Kent Street, West Gladstone

6/32 Kent Street, West Gladstone

33 Pine Avenue, West Gladstone


26 Harvey Road, Clinton

18 Hansen Crescent, Clinton

75 Gretel Drive, Clinton

26 Aquarius Street, Clinton

6 Palm Court, Clinton

167 J Hickey Avenue, Clinton

New Auckland:

73 Beak Street, New Auckland

35 Sandpiper Avenue, New Auckland

20 Wilson Street, New Auckland

60 Penda Avenue, New Auckland

54 Emmadale Drive, New Auckland

99 Penda Avenue, New Auckland

10 Franklin Court, New Auckland

5/9 Cockatoo Drive, New Auckland

Barney Point:

60 Wood Street, Barney Point

76 Sutton Street, Barney Point

33 O'Connell Street, Barney Point

4/36 Wood Street, Barney Point

5/36 Wood Street, Barney Point


7 Saturn Crescent, Telina

Glen Eden:

32 Dean Street, Glen Eden

27/2 Beezley Street, Glen Eden

19/2 Ringuet Close, Glen Eden

21 Jumbuck Court, Glen Eden

32/42 Glen Eden Drive, Glen Eden

Kin Kora:

19/1 Collins Lane, Kin Kora


25 Briffney Street, Kirkwood


6 Kylee Crescent, Calliope

4 Kylee Crescent, Calliope

Sawmill Road, Calliope

10 Trudy Avenue, Calliope

3 Oxford Street, Calliope

Boyne Island:

16 Orana Avenue, Boyne Island

2 Davina Street, Boyne Island

22 Mcleod Street, Boyne Island

Tannum Sands:

5 Alfred Street, Tannum Sands

3 Buckley Court, Tannum Sands

12 Pleasant Avenue, Tannum Sands

113 Broadacres Drive, Tannum Sands


1341 Calliope River Road, Yarwun


7 Wattle Lane, Boyne Valley

274 Ferguson Road, West Stowe

267 Darts Creek Road, Darts Creek

4131 Dawson Highway, Wooderson

17 Koala Court, Burua

4 Kent Street, Bororen

29 Michael Street, Rodds Bay

167 Mineral Road, Rosedale

262 Mollenhagens Road, Rosedale

714 Cross Road, Euleilah

Capricornia Drive, Deepwater

789 Pacific Drive, Deepwater

35 Owttrim Circuit, O'Connell

6 Hope Phillips Crescent, O'Connell

Old Toweran Road, Berajondo

4323 Tableland Road, Diglum

Agnes Water:

2773 Round Hill Road, Agnes Water

78 Innamincka Way, Agnes Water

57 Countess Russell Crescent, Agnes Water

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