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Lisa Curry calls for action after daughter's friend king hit

SWIMMING great Lisa Curry has called for tougher action over alcohol-fuelled violence after her daughter's friend was king hit over the weekend.

The mother of three posted on Facebook on Monday night that the friend was in hospital with a  fractured skull after falling and hitting his face on the concrete.

"He's lucky compared to those who are killed,'' the former Olympic swimming champion and fitness advocate wrote.

"These people, sorry...morons... who have not learnt the lesson that one hit can kill...MUST be punished.

"I'd say a month or more in jail would sort them out..... or the head injury ward in hospital....

"What is an appropriate punishment for these shit head alcohol fuelled kids?"

She signed the post with the hashtag  #frigginangrymother

The post attracted more than 150 comments, with many calling for tough penalties and for parents to teach their children greater respect.

Curry later vowed to send the stream of comments to Queensland Premier Campbell Newman for action.


Tania Rowan: Jail time. Then time in a rehabilitation facility watching how these people have to re-learn the most basic things. They just don't get it!

Alison Elsbjeta Dubsky: With the amount of exposure about the damage done with one of these hits and the possibility of actually killing that person I believe they should be charged with attempted murder, no less.

Margaret Ball: When kids can do as they please & get away with it,nothing will change..sadly! Parents are blamed.. Laws pqotect the kids & nothing supports the parents! Don't smack the kids! etc! I see kids smoking,drinking,swearing,etc,& that's 10 y,o's ..i've seen them pregnant too!

When they aren't made accountable & excuses made & parents not able to do what needs to be done,this will keep going on! Why do pubs & clubs don't need to be open all night either! Ask why under 18's are able to get drugs, smokes,booze..etc.. & nothing done! 18/25's drink & drug till their brains explode! Make them accoumtable..put them in jail before it happens.,shock them into reality! They want to be stupid, then scare them into reality!

Franni Hasted: My son was hit at Coolum a couple of years ago Christmas Eve thugs at the skate park said he was on their so called turf so they bashed him he ended up with a smashed eye socket and cheek had plates and screws to fix it .. Its the worst feeling seeing your child go through this ..

The punishment isn't enough they get away with it because the so called alcohol this kid wasn't even drunk when he hit my son. Not proud to say because i am against fighting that his brothers went looking for this kid and made him feel a little uncomfortable not the right thing to do I know but . The police wouldn't do anything.

Tahi Reihana: No self respecting male sees honour in a king hit. So it begs the question..... Who is influencing these young men. There is more strength in compromise than there is in physical domination. It'd be better if we had an isolated camp where these "boys" where under the influence of real men. Gaol ain't gunna teach a boy control! We have every right to get angry and god knows if it was my son I might not be so calm. Lets teach boys to be real men!!

Pippa Colman: Changing the laws will do nothing unless we change our society. Alcohol fuelled violence will not change because of harsher laws. Jailing perpetrators will not bring back those who have been killed or restore those who are maimed. Drinking is imbedded in our culture.

Drug taking is something our young people do. As a society, we need to say - enough! As a society, we need to stop drinking to excess and taking drugs which destroy our minds. We need to have the intestinal fortitude (guts) to parent our kids properly. We need to have the courage to tell our friends to stop drinking when they have had enough.

We need to have the courage to name and shame those acting badly. It is not up to the politicians; it is up to us to change our society.

Odette Kaggelis:  Unfortunately it's also drug related, mix that with alcohol = disaster!!!! I have a friend who is a Sargent who saids it's scary what ice etc is doing 2 our community's but people just think it's alcohol fuelled but it's more sinister than that!!!

It's a sport over in The U.S where gangs go out 2 king hit some poor innocent people who ever has the best king hit wins!!! Apparently this has now come 2 Australia but we let these morons get away with it - shame on u judges!!!

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