Lindner vital to Legends of League

LEGENDS of League Ipswich coach Bob Lindner has not brought a clipboard, pens or a game plan for tonight’s massive charity event at North Ipswich Reserve.

In fact he barely even knows who is playing in his team.

But he still has his priorities right.

“I’m actually in the process of getting the bar tab sorted out for after the game right now,” Lindner joked.

“As the coach, it’s my responsibility to make sure the beer is flowing post-match and every one has a good time.

“Perhaps I’ll have some strapping ready for the boys, but really that’s probably going to be the extent of my on-field help.

“I’ve been brought in to make sure the after-match celebrations go well.”

Today’s first game at 4.30pm will be the Ipswich State League and Diggers Legends versus Titans Old Boys.

The main game at 6pm features the Ipswich NRL All-Stars against the Broncos Legends.

It is hoped the event will raise more than $20,000 for flood-affected junior rugby league clubs and members.

Lindner, an NRL judiciary member, formerly coached Brothers in the Ipswich Rugby League competition before starring in several Sydney teams.

He was credited with revitalising the Brothers club and bringing in a level professionalism.

The former bustling lock is a true legend of the game.

He is one of a handful of players to be man-of-the-match in State of Origin football more than once.

Even though it is 15 years after his retirement from professional rugby league, he still holds the record for the most appearances and the most tries of any forward in State of Origin history.

“It’s going to be a bit of fun out there and it’s for a good cause,” Lindner said.

“I’ll help out doing whatever they need me to do and hopefully we can raise a lot of money.”

Unfortunately, legendary Test centre Mal Meninga, a good friend of Lindner’s, will not be able to make it.

But not for lack of trying.

“Mal would have loved to be a part of this but he already had a commitment to a junior rugby league club in New South Wales and he could not abandon them,” Lindner said.

The event’s main organiser was Ipswich league icon Pat O’Doherty, who was also helped by former NRL smashing machine Chris Beattie.

O’Doherty yesterday said he was slightly anxious ahead of the match which has been a month in the making.

“I’m a bit nervous today. I just hope the crowd responds to the idea and comes out to support it,” O’Doherty said.

“This will be the last time the Ipswich people have a chance to see 30-plus Origin players in the one match.”

The game will be played under ARL masters rules with interchange unlimited and only two players allowed in the tackle.

General entry to the fundraising event will be $5.

Donations will be welcome.

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