The Great Australian Storybook Collection

Life’s pretty straight without The Wonky Donkey

IN THE news today, a honky-tonky wonky donkey has hundreds of Ipswich kids in stitches!

Well, at least he will if you use the token inside today's paper to grab your bonus copy of the Australian classic book The Wonky Donkey for just $2.30.

It marks the second book in our Great Australian Storybook Collection promotion and we've got another 13 lined up over the next two weeks.

This picture book, written by Craig Smith and illustrated by Katz Cowley, will appeal to kids of all ages and parents will likely have a chuckle too.

It's hard not to love the poor three-legged donkey with one eye and a love of country music, and as he encounters funny situations along his journey and with rhyming lyrics holding the story together, it's an entertaining read.

Yesterday was the launch of the storybook promotion with a FREE copy of Possum Magic and a collector's case with The Sunday Mail. Get your Piranha's Don't Eat Bananas token inside tomorrow's QT.

Here are the 15 books to collect:

• Sunday 23 July - Possum Magic + Collector's Case (The Sunday Mail)
• Monday 24 July - The Wonky Donkey (QT)
• Tuesday 25 July - Piranha's Don't Eat Bananas (QT)
• Wednesday 26 July - Time for Bed (QT)
• Thursday 27 July - I Went Walking (QT)
• Friday 28 July - Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge (QT)
• Saturday 29 July - Pig the Pug (QT)
• Sunday 30 July - The Very Cranky Bear (The Sunday Mail)
• Monday 31 July - There was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Mozzie (QT)
• Tuesday 1 August - This & That (QT)
• Wednesday 2 August - Tales from the Gum Tree (QT)
• Thursday 3 August - The Magic Hat (QT)
• Friday 4 August - Pig the Fibber (QT)
• Saturday 5 August - Waltzing Matilda (QT)
• Sunday 6 August - Wombat Stew (The Sunday Mail)

Collect your books from participating newsagencies, Woolworths and IGAs. For more information, head to

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