LNP taking credit for ALP's Inland Rail Line: Neumann

BLAIR MP Shayne Neumann says the Coalition is claiming credit for a Labor Party policy with its unveiling of $300 million in funding for the Queensland section of the Inland Rail Line.

The railway line includes a dedicated freight corridor from Rosewood to Agaru in Brisbane's south that will keep coal trains out of Ipswich suburbs by 2019.

"All they are doing is playing catch-up ," Mr Neumann said.

"The Labor Government has built 60% of the rail line with $600 million and we have fixed up a lot of the line for the Inland Rail route. We have put $300 million in the forward estimates to do the work that the Liberals now say they want to do.

"The Liberals, having said that they would not support rail projects funded by the Federal Government, have done a back flip on this and are now playing catch-up. They are taking credit for something Labor has already budgeted for, so we welcome their last-minute road to Damascus conversion experience. They are not funding the crucial cross-river rail tunnel project in Brisbane... which we are committed to."

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