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LETTERS: QT report could have been much tougher on Miller

THE Special Report (QT 27/11) on Minister Miller hit the mark.

Even Miller's most strident supporters cannot accuse the QT of being biased, as they were kind in many respects.

As a former MP, I witnessed Miller's approach to public office first-hand and in Opposition there were clear signs of what was to come.

A prime example was her insensitive remarks which hurt Holocaust survivors followed by her arrogant refusal to apologise, with Palaszczuk's failure to censure her at the time a crystal ball to a future which is today's reality.

The eminent Dr Williams 'nailed' this matter in his article and the Police Communications Centre debacle is a reflection of Miller's tenure as Minister, Palaszczuk's weak hold on power and the complete irrelevance of local MPs Madden and Howard.

While I'm at it, I would like to see these four apologise to our Mayor and to our region for this litany of absolute rubbish.

With the first anniversary of the Palaszczuk-Miller era now only a school vacation away - I don't have much hope for their first report card.

The only real winner here is Jackie Trad who will be waiting with anticipation now that Miller's finger is hovering above the team Palaszczuk self-destruct button.

SEAN CHOAT, Haigslea


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