LETTERS: Dirty tricks seem part of this election campaign

I WAS blackmailed a few weeks ago (QT Jan 30) not to run against the current council leader of Division 6.

I didn't take it seriously and decided to run anyway.

This week I took all my nomination forms with my six signed signatures I need to be a candidate, with my $250 deposit, into a 9am appointment with the Electoral Commission in the council humanities building on Thursday.

Blissfully unaware, as I posted happy pictures on my campaign Facebook page, that someone had taken a screen shot of my nominations page on the wall and then harassed with emails and phone calls three out of the six people I approached to sign my forms. One is so scared she wants to revoke her signature.

Email addresses and phone numbers are not even on the forms. Someone is going to great lengths to stop me having a fair campaign.

If you know who is behind this, please, tell them this - pick on me as much as you want, but leave the poor people in my area alone. They decided to give a stranger a chance, they do not deserve to live in fear.

CATE CARTER, Division 6 Candidate, Wulkuraka


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