LETTER: Young carers and parents a blessing

WHY is the Government being so short-sighted over these people?

If a young carer is forced to study or work, who is going to replace him or her?

Often the family has no other choice but to have one young member become the main or sole carer, either for parent or other child.

They give up their own lives to do this and should be rewarded, not penalised or stigmatised. Some form of respite which allows them to have a day off would be better, but this could be difficult as many do not have the resources to find such a person, especially if they live outside a town or city.

Young parents are trying to raise their children instead of putting them into "farmed" care (and I am a former child-care worker, so I don't say this lightly).

What kind of work could a single parent find which would be enough to raise the family' s living standards and still pay the high child care fees, especially if he/she is low or unskilled, tired from the struggle of caring for small children and just getting by on what pension is available ? This, like so many other announced initiatives, is all surface and no depth.

The core issue for the world, not just Australia, is that there are more people than jobs and this is only going to get worse as technology advances.

We already have a well-educated unemployed group, including Uni. graduates, so why force others into further self-condemnation?

Education is no burden, as it can help make us better thinkers, but it must have a foreseeable outcome or the people engaged become negative quickly, and that includes the teachers.

Part-time or short term contracts do not provide a living wage enough to get a housing loan or a car loan to access work. Only full-time work near public transport is the answer to this.

Governments might have to bite the bullet and raise taxation on the richer, and the rest of us settle for a lesser standard of living so that others can raise theirs, even just a little. I live in hope.



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