LETTER: Training dogs as vital as keeping them locked up

THE comments saying that every dog owner should be held responsible and make sure their dog is contained in their property at all times are missing the point.

Tiny died because two powerful dogs were allowed to be aggressive to other dogs. Even zoo animals escape from time to time ,and all owners will forget the door and leave it open now and again.

If you have children it is sure to happen.

Responsible owners of any powerful dog should never allow aggression in their dog. When they take on a powerful dog it is essential to have training so that the dog is not aggressive to humans or other dogs. Then when a mistake happens other dogs are still safe.

A friend of mine has a large Mastiff cross that was recently attacked by a little fluffy dog which drew blood on its lip.

As a result of that the mastiff has become very aggressive to all dogs. Instead of blaming the other dog she has paid money to train her dog not to be aggressive.

He now has five little friends and makes a new friend every week. That's a good example of responsible ownership from a powerful breed dog owner.

Her dog, if left, would have been a time bom.

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