LETTER: Time for disability to take back seat

'NEW Year, new you' tends to be the crux of our aspirational resolutions for the year ahead.

Whether it's a case of more exercise or less stress, it's a time when we, briefly, focus on personal improvement.

But there's an opportunity to think bigger; to think about how we can change the lives of others just by committing to a fairer, more cohesive and ultimately richer community in the year ahead.

I am heartened to see the disability conversation grabbing headlines, through the introduction the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

I am hopeful that this seismic, philosophical and financial shift will just be the start of a nation-wide movement towards valuing difference.

We need an Australia where people, regardless of difference, have the same opportunities to take part in all aspects of community life, and that all people - no matter what their abilities are - have a sense of belonging and respect.

We live in a world fixated by difference.

A world where we see the disability before we see the person.

A person with ambitions and goals, feelings, thoughts and talents like anyone else.

Let's resolve to do better in 2017, in the language we use, the time we give, and the choices we make.

Because great change doesn't start with government; it starts with you, and it starts with me.


CEO Endeavour Foundation

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