LETTER: Tax will send backpackers elsewhere

IT IS with great disappointment that I write regarding the current proposals regarding for the backpacker tax.

It beggars belief that the Government would now assume that charging 19 cents in the dollar from the first dollar earned, plus taking back 95% of superannuation contributions made by these workers, when they leave the country, is a fair proposal.

To make matters worse Scott Morrison also proposes to increase the departure tax by another $5 for everyone leaving the country.

Essentially it now means that farmers will be paying PAYG tax of 19% plus super of 9.5% - a total of 28.5% to the Federal Government for the privilege of employing extra people at critical harvest times.

Farmers cannot afford it and it will mean that some crops will not be able to be picked in time, resulting in fresh food shortages and increased prices for consumers.

Backpackers will all now go to New Zealand or to Canada where they are treated with more respect.


Mt Beppo

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