LETTER: Stop American influence before it's too late

RATHER than live with the pretence that Australians have any real sense of national identity, we should simply admit to being the Americans down under and raise the stars and stripes.

After all, our fetish with all things American means we now copy their jargon, greetings, attire and accents.

In fact the only remaining vestige of "Australiana" is our total mastery of nonsense.

This last effort to maintain our integrity and individuality is actually increasing exponentially.

The main perpetrator of this insidious propaganda is our very own media, which, for reasons only known to them, has unleashed a cruel plot to destroy "Australiana" at every level.

Our "adoption" of Halloween is an embarrassment.

Is this what we need to do to have fun?

Rather we should have "All Monkey Day" where we all dress up as primates to display our "monkey see, monkey do" attitude.

Why are we incapable of initiating our very own regional celebration where we all dress up and have council administered fireworks, fun games and instant raffles?

We could build in a percentage to all confectionary to include a donation to charity.

At least we could hold our heads up and say it is Australian.

I feel sad for the elderly who must watch this degraded transition from "Australiana" to "Americana".

We must do something before it is too late.

The first step should be to take a realistic look into the mirror and cut the nonsense.



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