LETTER: Our hospital staff deserve support

MALCOLM Turnbull, like his predecessors Gillard, Abbott and Rudd, seems to think handing out millions of dollars to overseas countries is okay.

I don't mind if there is a disaster, but otherwise we need to look at our own backyard.

Our hospitals are badly underfunded.

Last Thursday my elderly dad was taken to the emergency department at Ipswich Hospital for care.

The doctors and nurses were flat out moving people in and out and they did not really have enough beds for the number of people requiring help.

We had to move dad into Acute Care and I was dismayed to see three lots of paramedics waiting to discharge their patients into emergency. Some of the paramedics did not even have a seat to sit on.

This is just not right in a country like Australia.

There were no beds for my dad so he had to be sent to another hospital.

Our Government always says there's no money in the budget.

Well, a couple million put into the hospital system would go a long way towards helping the doctors and nurses do their job and free up much needed ambulances and crews to do their jobs.

Thumbs up to all the staff on duty and thank you so much for your service.


One mile

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