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More nurses not all good news for health: Langbroek

IT HAS only taken the Palaszczuk Labor Government 18 months to stuff up the state's multi-billion dollar health industry.

It was always bound to happen, given Labor's poor policies and their need to honour a deal they struck with the Queensland Nurses' Union who bankrolled their election campaign.

We are heading back to the bad old days under Labor where there were cost blowouts, people not being paid, longer waiting times, ambulance ramping and staff morale at an all-time low. Labor's failed solution towards the health crisis in this state is to just throw more money at it, but we know the real solution comes from dealing with systemic problems within the department.

More money doesn't necessarily equal better services - a concept that is foreign to all Labor governments, but sounds and looks good for the cameras. Irrespective of where you live, Queenslanders should be really concerned about the $100 million budget blow-out at the Cairns Hospital.

It will be the first in a number of blowouts - with budgetary issues already flagged at several Hospital and Health Services.

Labor's nurse-to-ratio policy, which they implemented to appease the Queensland Nurses' Union, is starting to bite the bottom line of Hospital and Health Services across the state.

While it sounds good to have more nurses, what Labor is not telling Queenslanders is that more nurses equal less health services, unless budgets are increased.

Wages still need to be paid and Hospital and Health Services need to look for savings somewhere to accommodate those wages, or else blow their budgets like we have seen happen in Cairns.

It is a time bomb all Hospital and Health Services will need to deal with sooner or later.

The looming health disaster under Labor has Minister Cameron Dick's prints all over it, and proves Labor is incapable of managing the state's health system.

What essential services and procedures will be cut at your local hospital to pay for these cost blow-outs under the Palaszczuk Labor Government?


Shadow Health Minister

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