LETTER: Metropole patrons a disgrace to the city

I AM a concerned business and building owner located close to the Metropole Hotel (196 Brisbane St, Ipswich).

I am writing to you because I turned up to my place of business on Sunday to find Brisbane St looking like a war zone.

There were 100s of bottle and cans, many smashed all over the street and down my driveway.

Rubbish, cigarettes and cigarette packs in the garden beds.

In the street and especially around my building there was a strong smell of urine.

This is not a one off occurrence.

This is the situation in the street every morning after the Metropole has opened the night before.

Twice I have had my shop front windows smashed from patrons of the Metro who have been thrown out for fighting and have continued to fight in the street.

I have spoken with the leasee of the hotel with no success.

I am worried that he seems to have no concern for the safety of his patrons, surrounding businesses, or the name of Ipswich.

I am not the only one in the street who has had enough as I see another business owner has sticky taped a note to the Metro door this morning stating their business has been vandalised.

I have spoken with a chap who also owns two buildings in the street and he states that he is regularly cleaning up vomit from in front of his shop door.

I have spoken with the police and they state that Sgt Paul Coates was on duty and that they did attend to a number of situations at the Metro last night and that there was 100s of people at the establishment last night.

I would like to know why patrons were drinking in the streets last night and why it took the council street cleaners, myself and other business owners until 11 am on Sunday to clean up the street from the rubbish.

Something has to be done about the Metropole Hotel and how they operate because at present the main street of Ipswich CBD is totally unsafe, unfriendly to families and dining patrons of an evening.

As part of the CBD of Ipswich this street should be a hive of socially respectable activities, including entertainment, dining, tourist and shopping options.

I also discovered a number of used needles.


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