LETTER: The right wing are the ones to save Australia

SUNSHINE Coast Sunday's "Rise of the far-right: Anti-Muslim parties fail to make a mark on the Sunshine Coast" seems to be a blind interpretation of what I read in the votes at the close of counting on Saturday night.

The Daily bangs on about Hanson and the right but she has been elected to the Senate and may get a second senator elected, while the only division on the Coast to run a Hanson candidate was Fairfax with Pasquali.

Fairfax at the close of counting showed Pasquali received 7418 votes, some 2000 behind the Greens with 9464, so to say Hanson failed to make a mark is off the mark.

The article included Wide Bay as part of the Sunshine Coast when clearly the Sunshine Coast is only Fisher and Fairfax, so can we exclude Wide Bay and Longman from the Sunshine Coast in future political reports.

Now that Hanson is in the Senate, with the media exposure she will get free advertising, so watch the next state election. I cannot see Labor and Liberal doing the bastard act they did before and she will achieve more for Queensland through the Senate than the Greens.

Many socialist commentators on the ABC are downing Turnbull but it seems he will form government, and not yet knowing the make-up of the Senate, it could be sufficient to pass legislation.

Warning for the future of Australia: politics in Western democracies seem to be developing a utopian sense with greater socialist handout and lowering taxes.

Without an increase in taxation and minimising handouts, many democracies, especially Australia, could follow Greece and other Mediterranean countries into recession and deep ravines of debt.

The right wing of politics could well be the saviour. It is the lefties in Greece that engineered that country's demise.

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