LETTER: Land zoning needs to be reviewed now

I AM writing to you on behalf of my father, William Naoum, Bill Naoum, as the horse industry know him and as others may know him from the Fine Cotton Affair and owner and trainer of the successful racehorse, Daunting Lad.

My father has owned a significant amount of land opposite the Ipswich Racecourse for more than two decades and has trained many successful winners from his land.

Over the years people have retired, the racecourse has deteriorated and horse trainers in the area have moved on.

My father has always been a big supporter of horse racing and greyhound racing and understands the business inside and out.

What he doesn't understand, is the Ipswich City Council's zoning of the area and their ignorance to listen to the local people who want change, just as our Members of Parliament want change and are advocating for change.

The land itself sits amongst, TL Conney Avenue, Videroni street, Stafford Street and Brisbane Road. This area is surrounded by residential and commercial occupancy, however it is currently zoned "Bundamba Racecourse" which is quite restrictive and very racecourse and ancillary use oriented.

It also has two overlays associated with the land; those being - Mining Influence Area and Building Height Restriction.

The requirements under the zone are really the planning instrument that restricts development. The code specifies a 4.5m height limit and a 450m2 minimum lot size.

Consistent uses include (approvable) - Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Stables and Home Base Activity. Fair enough 20 years ago this zoning applied to the area and was understandable.

Now in 2016, with the rate of which Ipswich is growing in, with the introduction of new developments in the area; Bunnings, Dan Murphy's to say the least, the zoning is outdated and restrictive to those very people who have worked hard to keep the racing industry alive.

Now with new talks of greyhound racing moving to the turf club and discussions of a $14 million upgrade, how can Ipswich City Council approve the development of a state of the art, 'number one sporting attraction in the country,' that will look across TL Cooney Avenue to a barren, desolate, wasteland due to the restrictive zoning of the area.

I am writing to you as I would like to make people aware, that this restrictive zoning of the land is crippling the very people that kept the racehorse industry alive.

'Grace Grace' and 'Mr Pisasale' want to promote a multimillion dollar sporting attraction, how about they give credit to the very people that kept the industry alive and want to see nothing but a future for the Racing Industry.


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