LETTER: Fluoride fear smear falls short on truth

TO ALL those who believed the anti fluoride material in G J May, Forestdale's recent letter (QT 4/10). You have been taken in by a gigantic piece of misinformation.

G J May's letter is largely cut and pasted from any one of a number of dodgy internet websites.

One example goes back to 28 September, 2013 - five months prior to the alleged publication date of the Lancet article claimed by G J May.

G J May didn't try the link on the website that provides a PDF copy of the Lancet article.

It leads to an error message at Lancet. Why? Because Lancet have withdrawn it after comments like this from the scientific community:

"The authors' efforts to instill fear, not based on scientific evidence, are akin to closing schools in Southern California because New York City is getting 10 inches of snow.

"The authors' exaggerated claims were called out, "in comments prepared by the Science Media Centre, epidemiologist Jean Golding of the University of Bristol accused the pair of issuing 'scare' statements."

G J May has provided a salutatory lesson to readers and editors.

Everything on the internet ain't necessarily so!


One Mile

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