LETTER: Don’t forget our frontline officers over Christmas

I ENCOURAGE everyone to take a moment during this year's festive season to think of our frontline officers working hard to keep us safe.

As many Queenslanders enjoy their family holidays, I would like to acknowledge police, firefighters, paramedics and emergency services volunteers out in force to ensure our celebrations can take place incident free.

These men and women on shift over the festive season give their time to ensure they are there when we need them the most.

Our police will be out and about enforcing the law to ensure we can enjoy our celebrations safely.

So many of us take for granted the hard work, dedication and ultimately the sacrifices that our frontline officers give up in order to protect our State.

Queensland is currently also experiencing higher than normal temperatures and emergency services personnel are equipped and ready to swiftly respond in the threat of bushfire," he said.

With the storm season also upon us, our emergency services personnel are ready to swiftly respond regardless of the day or time.

I would also like to thank those Queensland Corrective Services (QCS) officers who will also be working during the festive season.

These officers have a tough job and obviously their work does not stop during the festive season.

On behalf of the Palaszczuk Government, I would like to thank our frontline Officers working during the festive season for their hard work and dedication.


Member for Ipswich West


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