Andrew Antoniolli
Andrew Antoniolli

LETTER: Don’t blame council for certifier’s delay

IN RESPONSE to the letter of Mrs Jan Bailey (23/5) relating to a supposed delay in the approval process for a carport.

I have discussed this matter with both Mr and Mrs Bailey and cleared up any misunderstanding and misinformation. They are now aware that Council was not responsible for the hold-up.

Council was only in receipt of an application for the Bailey's proposed carport for about 24 hours.

A planning application was received from a Private Certifier representing the garage company on March 23, 2016.

Once it was determined that an application for planning approval was not required and that the carport met certain exemptions, the Certifier was contacted and advised accordingly.

The application was withdrawn and the application fee refunded on March 24, 2016.

The Private Certifier was therefore only required to complete a Building Approval and lodge it with Council.

The Certifier's approval, dated March 29, 2016 was officially lodged with council on April 20, 2016. Some three weeks later.

Council staff were professional, helpful and diligent in their prompt attention to this matter as can be seen from the facts above.

It would appear that the Baileys may have been misled by the company involved, however I would like to think that the garage company will ensure that the Baileys are fully refunded any cost savings from the withdrawn application.


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