LETTER: Concerns over land clearing stability

I HAVE been a resident here since 1981.

Have seen a lot of changes, but lately a lot of good land too close to waterways is being cleared.

While the buck keeps being passed, the clearing goes on.

We are losing too much.

White Rock? How safe is it?

And the next 2011 type rain event, where is the washed away soil and rock going to go?


Redbank Plains


Only nutters go against tradition

CHANGE Australia day, change the flag, Christmas offends me so take nativity scenes from shopping centres, blah blah blah blah.

These nutters who want to change things all the time need to get a life and show some respect for the things that are.

If they did change things, then some other nutter down the track would probably want change again.




Aussies losing laid back attitude

AUSTRALIA Day should be a day to celebrate our Australian way of life.

Or, should I say, what was once our celebrated icon-ism, our larrikin-ism, our laid back roll with the punches way of life, where

we accepted the good natured "shellacking," mindless pranks and "story" telling.

We generally accept that Australians are a mix of every nation of the world.

I have read reports that the make-up of the first European, western world on the First Fleet to enter our shores was made up of 17 nationalities.

Our nation has evolved by way of all creeds, colours and different beliefs.

We Australians, up to these modern days, lived and worked together, with not a great deal of disharmony.

Let us not step away from this early recognition of who or what, an "Aussie" is recognised as. Unfortunately, throughout later years, we appear to be "adopting" too much of the outside world's attitudes.

Road rage, vicious back-biting and outright dishonesty is not what we older Aussies were reared with.

When you disagree with anyone, you kept it between yourselves.

At times you may have "settled it" with a few blows, sat down and sank a few tallies, parted ways and got on with life.

So, let us step back a pace put aside differences.

Please new arrivals to our way of life, to our Australian shores, do not try to change us or our ways.

Join us and enjoy.


Regency Downs

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