One Nation candidate Jim Savage.
One Nation candidate Jim Savage. John McCutcheon

LETTER: Can One Nation really lead people?

ONE Nation candidate Jim Savage is 100% correct in saying Australians want political straight talkers. That is, except when the straight talk may result in action that affects them.

Australians are fed up with the two major parties, and their leaders who lack the courage to say and do what is necessary.

Being neither for nor against Pauline Hanson and One Nation, I certainly "get" where she comes from.

Surely few of us in the cold hard light of day and politics actually hope she and her party gain a majority or a significant minority, thus holding the balance of power, in any parliament.

Can anyone imagine a Prime Minister or Premier Pauline? As she is a senator, she cannot become Queensland Premier, but if One Nation gained a majority in State Parliament, who would be Premier?

One Nation would be mammothly less equipped to govern than was the Labor Party after the last State election.

Labor and the Conservatives tell us they are listening and are prepared to listen. If they are listening, they certainly are not hearing. If they do hear, they obviously reject what they hear; or simply, as Jim Savage said, they "don't have the balls to act".



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