LETTER: Beware the dreaded cold calling phonies

I'M sure most people have their own method of dealing with cold callers, but for the benefit of those of a quite reasonably delicate disposition, may I offer the advice to hang up at once.

Last Thursday a polite man named Daniel rang to enquire after my roof-top solar energy generating status.

I equally politely told him that we were on the Do Not Call Register, and asked him to provide me with the name and address of his company so that I could report them.

Daniel apologised and said he would have to bring his senior supervisor to the phone to provide that information.

I agreed to hang on, and shortly another man said "Hello", and I repeated, utterly civilly, the request for the details of his company as we were with the DNCR.

His response was immediate, and vehement: "F**k off, F**k off, F**k off, just F**k off".

I began to express the opinion that this was not the ideal sales pitch but he hung up on me.

Now, this is an amusing enough story, and I'm old and ugly enough to have a fairly thick skin, but to be abused in one's own home, in the evening, by a stranger hoping to sell something could well be very upsetting especially for those living alone.

And in case anyone is wondering, neither Daniel, nor his well-spoken Senior Supervisor sounded anything but Aussie born and bred.

Liz Curwen, Redbank Plains

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