LETTER: Bag her all you want but Pauline’s staying

THE interplay of state with federal politicians in the recent eight-week preface to the federal election highlights how difficult it is to separate state from federal issues in voting.

Our own premier, Palaszczuk, has played a role in our state's outcome.

She should look better to her own status at home.

The denigration of all that is Pauline Hanson by all political conservatives, has resulted in an election backlash against those who have vilified this thorn in their side.

Her message is even more urgent today. The people have spoken loud and clear.

Pauline is here to stay! Her 20 year absence in exile is now over and the scenario she predicted is now a reality.

People are spooked by world events threatening us here at home.

It affects all Queenslanders that illegal, as well as sanctioned immigration, is threatening the very nation which our Anzacs fought and died for.

We must profile all potential citizens, with the scrutiny and skills of the AFP, demanding legitimacy.

Political correctness has advantaged the enemy within. The Premier gloats that her Labor party has delivered cheaper public transport fares for Queenslanders on one hand, while simultaneously raising the price of car registration and licences on the other.

It is hypocritical to announce you are beneficial to the economy, while at the grassroots level maintaining no restraint.

Our Labor Government continues to boast spending, while the deficit is in crisis. The monthly $1million interest rate on the borrowings is ignored.

So the cost of living rises, rather than the spending reined in.

Labor is, historically, big-spending and a reckless fiscal manager of public funds.

Every Australian Labor Government is in deficit.

Public transport here is in crisis, while some arrogant adults and children can walk on, demanding free travel with impunity, while those with a conscience continue to be hit with rising fares.

Where are the inspectors prevalent in Brisbane? Giving children under 14 free weekend travel, should be extended to all concession card travellers, as it is in SA and WA.

The inconsistencies in transport policies and charges across the states are a nightmare for travellers.

Any wonder our political gentry has lost its credibility with the sceptics. Pauline Hanson is, at least, a realist. Where has the past 20 years of politics put our credit rating on a global scale? Our nation is in a deficit black hole.

E ROWE Marcoola, QLD


Pauline's new One Nation catch cry?

IS PAULINE Hanson's new catch cry to questions she can't answer about One Nation policies going to be "the media has taken it out of context"? It appears so.

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