LETTER: Are chicken hormones changing us?

A reader as questioned the effect of chicken hormones on humans.
A reader as questioned the effect of chicken hormones on humans. Mike Richards GLA310316CHOK

OVER the past few days we've heard on TV news of three and four-year-olds who say, "I'm in a boy's body but I'm a girl,” and "I'm in a girl's body but I'm a boy.”

They haven't reached puberty and so their hormones shouldn't have started to tell them if they're other than their birth gender; and then Friday morning's TV news tells of two 12-year-olds who raped a six-year-old in the school toilets; and their hormones shouldn't have so excited the boys that they lose control and rape.

Or perhaps the hormones are there from chickens which used to be nine months old before we ate them and now are six weeks old when eaten because of growth hormones.

Are the children loaded with hormones from chickens? We have the safe schools program or is it political correctness that has boys and girls going through the same door into the same toilets?

So do the chicken hormones cause infants to question their gender and cause 12-year-olds to be rapists?



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