Let's hear thoughts on selling Ipswich to world

TO the candidates and councillors running for the March 19 Ipswich City Council Elections, I would like to hear your thoughts, views and positions about marketing and tourism of Ipswich.

As a tourism operator and small business owner based and living with my family in Ipswich for over 15 years, to date I have never heard this subject being talked about as an election issue.

Tourism is worth over $130 million to the Ipswich economy, attracting 16,000 international visitors, 241,000 domestic overnight visitors and 847,000 day trip visitor.

It is an economic driver of job creation and employment in our city as well as bringing in visitors, business representatives, family and friends who all spend dollars in our city when they visit. Be it for accommodation, meals, attractions, events or tours, as well as any other product or service they require during their visit.

The positive experiences of our city are told to their family, friends and work colleagues.

Do you believe, think, or know that Ipswich as a city and tourism destination is maximising the marketing of Ipswich, potential tourism opportunities and return of investment? How can this be improved?

Given the September 2015 opening of Orion Lagoon, Springfield and the reported attraction of approximately 50,000 visitors per month.

When should the Council open a Visitor Information Centre facilities there to maximise the tourism potential?

How does each of the candidates and current councillors believe that they can make a difference to the Ipswich economy through tourism initiatives?

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