Tony Abbott has won the 2013 election.
Tony Abbott has won the 2013 election. Chris Ison

Abbott storms to victory but Labor holds Blair and Oxley

9.30PM: TONY Abbott has won the 2013 election and will be the country's next Prime Minister, but Labor members Shayne Neumann and Bernie Ripoll have managed to retain seats in Blair and Oxley.

With more than 60% of the votes tallied, the projected two-party preferred vote has Mr Neumann at about 55% against LNP's Teresa Harding at about 44%.

The results go against earlier Sportsbet betting trends which had Ms Harding tipped to win.

More surprising was that that Mr Neumann proved even more popular among voters this year with a swing so far of 1.52%.

Mr Neumann said he was humbled and honoured to be re-elected and was pleased to continue to be able to represent the area he has lived in his entire life.

He thanked the people of Blair for their support and promised to take the job seriously and work tirelessly to serve the people of his electorate.

In the electorate of Wright, there were no surprises with LNP candidate Scott Buchholz leading with 61% of the projected two-candidate preferred vote.

9PM:  Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is shortly expected to concede that Labor has lost the federal election from Brisbane.

It is understood that Mr Rudd has drafted his concession speech, but has delayed it because of the better than expected result in Queensland.


8.40PM: IN Queensland, with 65% of the votes now tallied, The Coalition currently leads the count for 22 seats, including the electorate of Wright with LNP candidate Scott Buchholz expected to retain his seat with 47.3% (25,855) of the vote ahead of Labor's Sharon Murkami with 21.69% (11,849).

Labor currently has the most votes in seven electorates, including Blair with Shayne Neumann sitting on 42.23% (23,177) ahead of LNP's Teresa Harding on 33.1% (18,169).

The presumed Labor safe seat of Oxley continues to be led by the party's candidate Bernie Ripoll with 44.74% (24,603) ahead of LNP's Andrew Nguyen with 37.03% (20,364)


8.20PM: AFTER polls suggested Labor could lose five seats in Queensland, voting so far has indicated otherwise.

A poll released last week, suggested the ALP-held seats of Moreton, Petrie, Lilley and Capricornia were likely to fall to the Coalition, while the seat of Blair was also at risk.

But with more than half the votes counted in Moreton, Lilley and Blair, Labor leads the electoral race and closely trails in the seats of Capricornia and Petrie by less than 100 votes.

The Queensland seats considered least at risk, Oxley and Rankin, continue to be led by Labor.

8PM: IT'S been two hours since polls closed in Ipswich and with half the votes counted in Blair, Labor candidate Shayne Neumann extends his lead with 41.94% (19,039) of the votes, followed by LNP's Teresa Harding with 33.35% (15,131), PUP's Anthony Stanton with 13.06% (5929), The Green's Claire Rudkin with 4.18% (1897), KAP's Dale Chorley with 3% (1363), Family First's Elwyn Denman with 2.62% (1190), Australian Independent's Shannon Deguara with 1.25% (567) and Rise Up Australia Party's Anthony Mackin with 0.6% (273)
More than half the vote has also been counted for the seat of Wright and LNP's Scott Buchholz continues a commanding lead with 47.84% (21,620), followed by ALP's Sharon Murakami with 21.29% (9,621), PUP's Angie Elaine Ison with 14.41% (6513) and KAP's David Neuendorf 5.83% (2633).


7.40:  ACCORDING to the Australian Electoral Commission 14% of the vote has been counted.

On a two party preferred basis the Coalition has 54.7% and Labor has 45.3%.

In Blair, more than a third of the vote has been counted and Labor's Shayne Neumann continues his lead with 41.45% of the vote in front of LNP's Teresa Harding on 34.07%

In Wright, with 38% of the vote counted, Scott Bulcholz stays in front on 47.49%.

In Oxley, after 31% of the vote counted, Bernie Ripoll leads with 45% of the vote.

In the seat of Griffith, Kevin Rudd trails LNP's Bill Glasson by 931 votes.


7.25PM: ALMOST a quarter of the votes have been counted for Blair and Labor's Shayne Neumann has hit the lead with 41.49% (8475) of the vote, followed by LNP's Teresa Harding on 34.65% (7077).

They are followed by PUP's Anthony Stanton 12.26% (2505), The Greens' Claire Rudkin 4.18% (853) and KAP's Dale Chorley 3.06% (625).

7.15PM:  PRIME Minister Kevin Rudd might be facing a battle for his own seat of Griffith.

With 6.42% of the votes counted for his electorate Rudd has 43% of the vote, narrowly in front of LNP candidate and former AMA head Bill Glasson on 40.8%

If he loses, he will become third prime minister in the nation's history to lose his own seat.

Palmer United Party leader Clive Palmer is looking surprisingly strong capturing 29.21% of the vote after 15.52% of the votes counted for his electorate of Fairfax.

7PM: EARLY votes are coming in for the seat of Oxley. With only 2.73% of the votes counted, Labor's Bernie Ripoll is off to a promising lead of 46.87% while LNP candidate Andrew Nguyen trails at 32.22%.

With 4.32% of the votes counted for Wright, LNP's Scott Buchholz comfortably retains his lead with 52.4%, followed by ALP candidate Sharon Murakami on 18.1%

With 7.09% of the votes counted in Blair, Teresa Harding continues to cling to the lead with 38.83% of the votes followed closely by Labor's Shayne Neumann on 36.34% - still neck and neck.

6:30PM: VOTES have begun trickling in and as suggested, it looks it's going to be a close battle for the seat of Blair with LNP's Teresa Harding off to an early lead with 38.38% of the votes counted so far while Labor's Shayne Neumann trails with 37.36%.

LNP candidate for Wright Scott Bucholz is in front with 57% of the vote.

6PM: After a five-week election campaign, millions of Australian voters today had their say on who will run the country for the next three years.

Polls closed at 6pm today.

Opposition leader Tony Abbott is considered certain to guide the Coalition to victory with final opinion polls giving the Opposition a commanding lead over the ruling Labor Party.

The latest Newspoll published in The Australian predicts Tony Abbott is on course for a 40-seat win.

Labor faces the prospect of losing at least four seats, with a fifth at risk, in Queensland, which was meant to be an electoral springboard for an ALP recovery and the only real hope of winning LNP seats.

Earlier polling suggested the Prime Minister could lose his Brisbane seat of Griffith to an intense local campaign from ophthalmologist Bill Glasson.

Labor could be reduced to holding just two Queensland seats - Rankin and Oxley.

In Blair, Sportsbet predicts LNP candidate Teresa Harding is likely to win, quoting her at odds of $1.50, while Labor candidate Shayne Neumann is at $2.30.

Oxley MP Bernie Rippoll is favoured to hold his seat, at $1.25, against LNP candidate Andrew Nguyen at $3.50.

LNP member for Wright Scott Buchholtz recorded a thumping victory in the 2010 election and a repeat of that result is again on the cards, with odds of $1.001.


Virtual tally room - Blair

Virtual tally room - Oxley

Virtual tally room - Wright

Blair (Qld), voting in the 2013 federal election

Oxley (Qld), voting in the 2013 federal election

Wright (Qld), voting in the 2013 federal election

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