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Ledger's daughter to watch movies

MICHELLE Williams plans to show her daughter 'Brokeback Mountain'.

The movie holds special importance for the 30-year-old actress because not only was it her breakthrough movie role, it was also where she fell in love with Heath Ledger - the father of five-year-old Matilda who died of an accidental overdose in 2008.

She said: "I was just an actor who happened to be lucky enough to be in the right place, and it was the place where I met Matilda's father, and that is a lot. And it will be a lot for Matilda too, when she gets around to watching it.

"I will watch it with her, when she's ready."

Michelle spoke of how that time may come quickly for her - but not for Matilda, who is counting each day as she grows older.

She told Angelino magazine: "It's crazy how fast time is going for me and how agonizingly slow it is going for her.

When she was four she would say 'I am four and a half,' 'I am four and five-sixths,' 'four and seven-eights,' because all the increments mattered. They brought her one step closer."

When Matilda is old enough to watch her father on the big screen, Michelle may be protective of her living in Los Angeles though, as she spoke of the dangers she faced there when she was a teenager.

She said: "I think bravery and foolishness must be cousins. There is a fine line between them and teeter-tottering on that line was me at 15. It did work out well for me, but it just as easily could have not. I'm lucky. Los Angeles is not the kind of town to be 15 and on your own in."

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