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DID you know a Queensland Times subscription also gives you access to The Courier-Mail, along with other major Newscorp titles, not to mention great subscriber rewards and SuperCoach.

And for a very limited time, it's just $5 a month for the first three months. We reckon that's great summer reading value.

Why not give it a try and support the paper that's been serving your community for 160 years.

Because in times of crisis and emergency, the importance of keeping our region fully informed is paramount.

Our local journalists work long hours to cover the stories that really matter, even over the summer holiday period when many others are taking a break.

When there are major disasters, like fires and floods, the information that news websites convey can literally save lives. Stories providing critical safety information on our websites remain free.

But the stories behind the stories - the real human insights - are for our subscribers only. Local subscribers help fund the vital work that we do.

And to that end, we're offering a great deal to ensure we can continue to employ the biggest news teams in our regions to cover stories that matter to you.

For just $5 a month for the first three months, we are encouraging those who haven't already become a digital subscriber to give us a go  - even just to see what you are missing out on.

Across our regional websites, more than 100,000 have already become subscribers to what is Australia's best value news subscription deal.

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That give you access also to News' hugely popular SuperCoach competition via your state website, as well subscriber rewards worth hundreds of dollars each year.


■ Full unrestricted digital access to this website on all your devices
■ Exclusive offers, tickets, eBooks and unique experiences with our subscriber-only +Rewards program worth hundreds a year


■ Your subscription will deliver full access to our premium  app experience for your local newspaper together with News' top metropolitan and regional mastheads
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As a subscriber, you'll see fewer intrusive ads on our site - we've rolled out even more improvements for subscribers that will make our site cleaner, easier to read and faster to load.

Check out the latest deals on offer here or phone our subscriptions team on 1300 361 604 Monday to Friday, 8am - 5pm (AEST)

Thank you for supporting local journalism that matters. Remember, we're for you.

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