Landholders appeal to Newman: Reject Alpha colamine

LANDHOLDERS in central Queensland fighting a massive Indian-owned coalmine near Alpha have appealed to the Newman government to reject the mine application outright.

Landholders in the Alpha region, the Galilee Basin Alliance, secured somewhat of a victory in the Land Court last month over the GVK-Hancock coalmine.

The court decided that the mine should not be approved, unless strict conditions regarding the use of groundwater were imposed on the project.

An application for the mine was expected from the State Government this week, and Alliance co-ordinator Denice Campbell said the government should reject it.

She said that without water, primary producers in the area would be unable to operate their businesses, and called on the government to "uphold the umpire's decision".

"It's been a struggle for locals, but the court has made a decision that the proposed mine will affect the water," she said.

"The mine should be rejected outright. The land court is our court and we ask the ministers to uphold its decision."

A decision on the Alpha coalmine was due on Friday.

GVK's Manager Corporate Affairs Josh Euler said "We have invested millions of dollars on one of the most extensive hydrogeological assessments of groundwater in the region, which formed part of our approvals from State and Federal governments."

"The groundwater recommendations from the Land Court do not raise any new environmental obligations under the project's existing environmental approvals."

"We have agreements with all properties within the mining lease and make good agreements with a vast majority of neighbouring landowners, which are legally binding contracts that hold us responsible for restoring any unduly affected water supplies on surrounding properties."

"We will continue working cooperatively with landholders, the local community and Governments as we progress our projects to a point where construction can commence."

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