Understanding your higher intention makes it easier to create your vision.
Understanding your higher intention makes it easier to create your vision. Photo Thinkstock

Know who you are, find your intentions, create your vision

WAYNE Dyer's quote, "our intention shapes our reality", highlights that the results we get in life are directly related to and based in the intention we have in any given situation.

I was recently invited to run a master class on goal setting and in the room were many people who are far more talented than I am at setting goals, achieving outcomes, and making their business work. So why was I invited?

My approach is certainly not the classic that takes a key objective and breaks it down into components that need to be achieved. Of course there is certainly an action plan that comes out of it with accountabilities and timeframes etc. The fact is that those goals are limited in their purpose if the higher intention is not the platform they sit on.

The session started and my question to the group was "Define the answer to this question for yourself: 'Who am I?'" My request also highlighted that the frame to use was seeing themselves in as constructive a light as they could and listing the words that described them.

In splitting out the room to work on that I had the opportunity to engage with various individuals to listen and learn about them and how they perceive themselves and to encourage them to expand their perspective of themselves.

What was very apparent was how much people struggled initially to answer the question.

Think about that for a moment. This is a powerful question. How would you answer that question in light of the frame of reference provided? What's the intention behind the question and what does it help us to define, refine or align?

The question will highlight your best self, your values and assist in connecting you to your higher intention. When you understand your higher intention you are challenged to ensure that your actions are mindful and align to that.

What impact does this have on goal setting? It makes sense doesn't it? Rather than a haphazard Ready, Fire, Aim approach that sometimes happens, having clarity of self as a platform makes it much easier to create your vision, personal or professional. And then use whatever process you enjoy to set goals because you know why you are setting them.

The remainder of the process in the master class unfolded easily and the outcomes are reported as being motivating, real, inspiring and intentional.

How are you connecting with yours?

Nick Bennett is a facilitator, performance coach and partner of Minds Aligned: mindsaligned.com.au

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