Knife lodges in woman’s neck during domestic argument

A BUTTER knife thrown in anger became lodged in a woman's neck during a domestic dispute, an Ipswich court has heard.

The man who this week faced court on a charge of unlawful wounding was able to pull the knife out, but the victim still required transport to hospital.

The 44-year-old single father pleaded guilty in Ipswich District Court to unlawful wounding of the woman at his Ipswich home on March 6 last year.

Crown prosecutor Alicia Thomas called for a jail sentence of 1-2 years in jail with immediate parole.

Defence barrister Kim Bryson said the defendant had been in an on again-off again relationship with the woman for the past three years.

"He instructs she had substance abuse issues and that he on occasions drank to excess," Ms Bryson said.

"He says there has been incidents where police were called related to incidents on him."

Ms Bryson said the wounding occurred 18-months ago and there had been no trouble since.

"The wounding with the knife was more of a spontaneous act and there was immediate remorse," she said.

"He went to her aid to render medical care.

"Ambulance and police attended.

"There was no complaint by her but he made admissions at the police station in an interview."

Judge Dennis Lynch QC sentenced the man to an 18-month jail term with immediate parole.

"You will not be going into jail today but you should think very carefully about the risk you created for yourself and your children," he said.

"I err on the side of leniency and you might consider yourself very lucky."

Judge Lynch said the knife penetrated the woman's earlobe and went into her neck.

"You removed it and applied first aid and called for assistance," Judge Lynch said.

"You made admissions to police.

"It caused a 3cm laceration. A wound extended into the right side of her neck that required suturing, and exploration to ensure there were no (medical) issues."

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