Kiwi finally gets flood payment

THE Kiwi woman in the middle of an international furore has finally received her flood relief payment – and she said the Australian Government even apologised to her.

The New Zealand-born Ipswich Hospital nurse, who has lived in Australia for 23 years, was denied the $1000 relief payment this week despite being unable to work for four days when her house was flooded.

Centrelink initially denied her the payment because she was not an Australian citizen or a permanent resident.

Thankfully, the issue was resolved – not that the nurse was happy about it.

“I’ve been paid now finally and they apologised to me, which was nice, but it should not have taken this much effort,” she said.

“I was spoken to rudely by Centrelink staff all week and, after hounding them for two weeks, I finally got paid.

“I don’t even know if it was worth the effort.”

New Zealand citizens affected by January’s flood are entitled to a $1000 Australian Government Disaster Recovery Payment.

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