Convicted killer, rapist takes release bid to High Court

A CONVICTED killer and rapist who had sexually violent fantasies will take his bid to be released from prison to the High Court.

Mark Richard Lawrence was deemed a dangerous prisoner in 2008.

But he was granted release with 31 conditions after a review of his indefinite sentence earlier this year.

That decision was overturned last month after the Attorney-General appealed the decision.

The Attorney-General argued the justice had assumed Lawrence was telling psychiatrists the truth.

Lawrence's lengthy criminal history dates back to 1978 when he was convicted in the Ipswich Children's Court of aggravated assault of a child.

He was jailed in 1983 for the manslaughter of a fellow psychiatric patient at Wolston Park Hospital.

The young woman was killed as Lawrence enacted sexual fantasies about rape and murder.

In 1991 he escaped custody and in 1999 he raped a fellow prisoner.


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